How to increase computer speed

Often someone adding memory to 1G, you can improve the performance system of conveyor belts and ... That the memory is only one aspect of all hardware, if any other hardware configuration changes, effects and 512MB can not have too much boost. In addition, you can take the following approach, you'll make your computer speed and performance have significantly improved.Advancedpctweaker can help you.
1. system too many startup items, affect the start-up speed, method: start--run--Msconfig--to start-the startup item, you just keep the Ctfmon.exe IME and antivirus software, others will untick, press apply and OK.
2, close System properties in the special effects, it's simple and effective acceleration solutions. Right click my computer-properties--the high--performance-settings-Visual effects set to adjust for best performance-can be determined.
3, right-click Desktop-Properties-desktop-backgrounds-select none; colours-choose black desktop background greatest impact on boot speed and should be removed.
4, screen saver-select None.
5. appearance-window and button-Choose the classic style color scheme-choose Windows Classic.
6, retained for a maximum of ten or so; for some popular icon should be removed from the desktop.
7, the lesser used you do not want to delete can be concentrated in a single folder, method: right click Arrange icons-desktop-the Desktop Cleanup Wizard, you can just follow the prompts to clean up OK.
8 random anti-virus software, if your system boot time startup, antivirus software will scan icon is poisonous, it takes some time, display icons appear slowly, this is normal and is not a computer problem. This online a lot, you can go to the search.
9, start--run--type regedit press ENTER. Open the registry editor, locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory ManagementPrefetchParameters, find the EnablePrefetcher key on the right, and 3 to its default value of 1, so scroll time will decrease.
10, and in "I of computer" Shang points right key-property-hardware-equipment management device-click "IDE ATA/ATAPI" option-double-click "secondary IDE channel"-senior set-equipment type, will "automatically detects" to "no", main to IDE channel also do same of set, such you computer scroll article up ran three circle, started speed will improve three times times above.
11, in the "start run" enter gpedit.msc, open the Group Policy Editor. Find " computer configuration administrative templates network QoS Packet Scheduler", select "limit the reserved bandwidth", select "Properties" opens the bandwidth restrictions may retain the Properties dialog box, select the "disable" button. This releases the reserved bandwidth.
12, proposal to clean up the system junk (such as the system junk files, system registry junk) and recommend a cleanup system junk a small program.
13, suggested that the IE temporary files in your computer and in the virtual memory settings on a non-system disk.
14, usually not too many applications open at the same time software, antivirus software or other software that monitors feature is turned off because the antivirus software or other software monitoring features special occupation of system resources.
15, restart the computer and boot to the desktop, a window will pop up, and add a tick in the little square, point "OK" (because the changes to the system configuration utility).


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Computer Maintenance Trilogy(3)

1. Tool prepared a. plum screwdriver (as its name suggests, Xia screws of has, as chassis screws, power screws, graphics screws,) b. Mouser brush (small is small, role big, dust will with) c. alcohol plus cotton (put moderate of alcohol stained in cotton Shang, on cleared Board card Shang of oxidation layer has wonders) d. lens paper, blow balloon (dust), clip
2. The body is ready to put his hands in water pipe or wall, clear body with static electricity, Oh, static and dust but the computer into two "fulltime killer" Oh, so the first dedusting.
3. Cut off the power supply, the host connection between peripherals and unplug, open the chassis Panel with a Phillips-head screwdriver, remove the power supply. At this time, you will see the Board settled on the dirt, hands, blow up balloons to blow see, especially near the inlet of the Panel and the power box (outlet) nearby, as well as the card of the plugging position, more really blew, if there is a small fan, and results would be better.
 4. Plug the power "to pieces", open the "expand" you will see black power supply fan, do not hesitate, this is the power in the dusty camp, after blowing up balloons and tissue paper to clean carefully mounted.
5. The paper clip, insert the optical drive emergency eject hole on the front panel, slightly hard, CD or DVD drive tray opens. The wipe gently with lens paper to clean, be careful not to reach inside the optical drive, and never using the DVD player on my computer "clean" to clean the drive, unless you have a optical drive upgrade plans, hehe.
6. The following floppy disk drive, by blowing up balloons to clear dust from the floppy disk drive.
7. Remove memory and graphics card, check the cheat section is clean, if not clean, clean alcohol available. After cleaning, put back to its original slot again, but note that location is accurate, with socket contact is good.
8. Wipe clean the monitor screen with lens paper, if the display is too dirty, with lens paper dipped in a bit of water (never use alcohol or other cleaning agents) from the inner to the outer rings for cleaning.
9. The back cover of the mouse apart, take out the ball, wash with clean water, dry, dust and clears the internal slider mouse savings and recovery.
10. Use blow up balloons to clear dust between the keyboard keys with a cotton stick the right amount of alcohol for cleaning and disinfection. Note normally keep, frequently for cleaning and disinfection.